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As Max DePree pointed out nearly thirty years ago in his book, Leadership Is an Art, leadership is more art than science. Organizations and their leaders are wise to be artful in their decision-making on behalf of their various stakeholders and that's where our team comes in. Leveraging the latest knowledge on analytic strategies and practices with a comprehensive understanding of how organizations and leaders can use data and information to drive accountability and effectiveness, JB Logical Solutions works with clients primarily in the education sector to improve processes and outcomes on behalf of children and their families.


Lead Consultant, Dr. John R. Barker, draws on more than ten years of C-level experience in urban school districts and higher education to provide attentive, transformative support to clients. Prior to founding the firm, Dr. Barker was for three years the Chief Accountability Officer for Chicago Public Schools, leading the district’s work in teacher/principal/school accountability, performance management, and data quality. Dr. Barker also served for several years as Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment with the Memphis City Schools. Dr. Barker holds the Ph.D. in Education and Human Development from Vanderbilt University and was a summa cum laude graduate in history and communications from his undergraduate institution, the University of Tennessee at Martin. With more than a dozen peer-reviewed publications and scores of scholarly presentations to audiences across North America, Dr. Barker is committed to sharing lessons learned from practice and supporting senior leaders and their organizations in the complex task of data-driven decision making.





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